Enrolment at Rushworth P-12

Do we reside in the Rushworth P-12 College zone?

Use findmyschool.vic.gov.au to search for your local government school or specialist school. This is the official and most up to date school zones map. For more information, please visit www.vic.gov.au/school

Application Process

We’re glad that you would like to join us at Rushworth P-12 College. The enrolment process is easy, you are invited to discuss your child’s enrolment at Rushworth P-12 College with a member of the Principal Class at any time, contact us on 03 5856 1230, and arrange a meeting time.


After an initial meeting and tour of the College, you will be asked to provide enrolment details and then we can set a date for you child to start their schooling with us.


As a part of the enrolment process, You will be supported with information about our College, our uniform, lockers, laptops, bell times, etc.
On your child’s first day, they will be introduced to a buddy who will help them feel comfortable as they familiarise themselves with their new school.

Parent Payment Contributions & Booklists