Sports Houses

Why Brocklebank & McNamara?

In 2006 we changed the names of our sports houses to Brocklebank and McNamara. At the time it was thought that our students may take up the challenge to portray the personal qualities that both Constance Brocklebank and Frank McNamara (VC) displayed during their school years and subsequent war service.


Frank McNamara (VC) was born in Rushworth in 1894 and completed his primary schooling at our school (which was all that was offered in those days). Frank gained a scholarship to attend Shepparton Agricultural High School for his secondary education.


His defence career began when he joined the school cadets in 1911.


He had a varied military career over the years, originally enlisting in the Militia and then the Air Force, serving in both world wars.


Frank received his VC by being brave, daring and determined (all while injured himself) to support and save his fellow comrades during a raid on a Turkish railway station on 20 March 1917.


His never give up attitude, support of mates and willingness to give everything his best efforts are skills we like to see McNamara house members portray at our College sports events.


We believe that Frank is a great role model to aspire to!


Constance Brocklebank was also born and educated here in Rushworth, before moving to Toorak, Melbourne with her family. Constance undertook nurses training for three years at the Melbourne Hospital, and was enlisted as a Nurse in November 1917.


She was posted to various war hospitals throughout Europe during her service in World War 1. She left Cairo, Egypt in February 1919.


As a single lady, Constance must have been a very independent young woman who was keen to ‘do her bit’ for the war effort, as travelling to the other side of the world was a big undertaking in those days.


She obviously felt she could make a difference, and was willing to work hard to save the injured who crossed her path. Constance was awarded several medals for her service, including the Star, Victory and British War Medal.


We believe she would have held the qualities of helping others, doing your best and putting your best foot forward – just the same sort of skills that the house members of Brocklebank aspire to when they are participating in College sports events!