Contacts & Resources below, for when you need them.

Rushworth and surrounding towns are situated on Local Government Area boundaries. One barrier we face in small rural communities can be limited access to local health services. There are multiple health service providers available in Bendigo, Echuca & Shepparton.  Depending on your health needs, you may also need to access specialised services.  Location of these services can be based on your residential address.


A valuable local service available to families for support with wellbeing is the Kyabram Community Learning Centre (5852 0000). They provide a variety of programs and support services that may assist your family with health and wellbeing support. Wellbeing staff at the college regularly meet with KCLC staff to ensure that services are working together inside and outside of school.


Waranga Health at Rushworth also provide some visiting and local Health supports. Referral information and assistance can be provided as needed.



Advice for Student wellbeing is available at the College through contact with the Assistant Principal.


Students can be referred to:

  1. Mental Health Practitioner, present at the school one day per week to provide one-on-one wellbeing and mental health support to students.
  2. School Nurse, present at the school two days per week to provide wellbeing and general health needs support and referral options.


If you have a concern for your child’s wellbeing, a good place to start is to talk with your GP  who will determine whether a mental health plan is required. You can click here for a list of clinics available to the Rushworth community. If the GP diagnoses a mental disorder, having a mental health plan provides Medicare rebate for 10 individual and 10 group appointments with Allied health professionals, such as Psychologists.


If you are looking for other forms of support online or on the phone, the following services can also be helpful starting points:




For serious mental health issues, such as If you are concerned that a child is potentially a danger to themselves or others, you can contact triage at the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) in either Bendigo or Shepparton, depending on where you live (check this with the triage nurse first).

CAMHS Bendigo: 1300 363 788

CAMHS Shepparton: 1300 369 005