Bus Travel & Transport

Students walking, or being dropped off/picked up from school

Students and parents are to use the recommended “Safe Routes to School” when coming to and from school. Designated parking spots for parents are in Heily St. from the east side of the cemetery entrance and the Stadium car park. Students can safely access these points without crossing the road. The road directly in front of the College is designated for bus and staff parking only, and is policed. Due to safety concerns students and parents must not park in this area between 8am-9am, and 3pm-4pm.


Bus travel information

Listed below is information regarding the responsibilities of each of the bus route users and facilitators.


Parents \ Guardian Responsibility

• Anytime prior to boarding the bus in the morning.

• Anytime after disembarking the bus in the afternoon.

• Be at the bus stop 10 minutes prior to bus arrival time.


Bus Drivers Responsibility

• Operate to the specified bus route and timetable.

• Not to deviate or make adjustments without approval from the Department of Transport and Planning.


School Responsibility

• To ensure that the school bus system operates in a safe and efficient manner.

• Operate in accordance with DE guidelines on School Bus Travel.

• Be responsible for the behaviour of the traveller(s) whilst they are travelling on the school bus.


In an Emergency

• If a particular service is affected by an emergency prior to the afternoon departure, the bus will not depart the school and arrangements will be made to pick up travellers.


Application to Travel Form

If you are applying to have your children start travelling by bus, please download the Application to Travel Form.

Please print it and fill it out, and bring into the front office of the school.